About Us

Continue Your Spiritual Journey with Pravase

Curiosity is the basic nature of human to find the new thoughts. Curiosity can be fulfilled by two things; one is discussion and second one is travel. Travel is not as simple as the discussion it will come up with many obstacle and required many preparation. Thus our aim is to help everyone in their travel and get the Punya. There can be many aim behind any travel and places can be Religious, Hill Station, Sea, Natural etc. We at Pravase, tries to help every individual to manage their Religious and Cultural Tour. We try to provide each and every single aspect of the place with variety of services which make individual’s spiritual journey pleased and certain.

Vision and Mission

Pravase is an online travel agency that specializes in Religious and Cultural Tourism and Travel. We will provide consulting and custom travel arrangements and packages. Our mission is to become the foremost provider of religious travel to the people of the India. We seeks to connect spiritual travel newcomers and veterans with service providers, spiritual activities, accommodations and other services that fit the client's desires, budget, and skill level.

India’s image on spirituality should recognize globally with same respect as long year ago. We want to help every Indian in their spiritual journey. Our aim is to start skill based education project for poor child across the nation from 50% of margin. Develop strategic alliance with service provider in entire nation with building user friendly platform for all Indian to use end to end service.

Our Values

We at Pravase strongly believe that every online or offline platform which provides various offers to customer is not the correct or sustainable business model and way. This kind of system makes customer greedy and ultimately they always have feeling of cheated by business. We value the time and money of each and every individual so we tries to provide best service at best price as final amount to the customer and we hope this make sense and we increase customer base at exponential rate . We are coming with a new business model of best flat rate and no offer, no coupon code, no cash back offer and ultimately avoid waste of time and money of the customer.