Zanzari Waterfall or Jhanjhari Waterfall, located on bank of sacred River Vatrak near small village Dabha, between Manpur and Jodhpur village of Bayad Taluka of Arvalli district in Gujarat is one of the best and beautiful one day picnic place near Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Brief about one of the best waterfall of Gujarat, Zanzari Waterfall, River Vatrak, near Dehgam, Bayad, Arvalli District.

It is series of small waterfall followed by main waterfall of around 30 feet high which lands on a picturesque set of rocks and caves in Vatrak River. Zanzari is not seasonal waterfall but the best time to visit is during Monsoons when it is in full flow with bursting of lush green surroundings. During monsoons, the sound of water sloshing down the falls can be heard from far away. You can plan in winter or summer as well but water level and force of stream is very less, though you can enjoy sunrise and sunset in calm place far away from hustle and bustle of city and your busy schedule. As per the local people the water level here is more than 100 feet and due to force of water it is very risky so not safe for bath. Also in past there were couple of incident recorded when tourist died here during bath near waterfall.

From parking area, Zanzari waterfall is around two km away so you have to trek on aisle and rock surrounded by river Vatrak in beat tricky road. You can also enjoy camel ride which is available from parking place to Zanzari waterfall at cost of 120 rs per person. Here in parking place, ancient historical temple of Lord Shiva named Kedareshwar temple is located. Also there are few food and tea stalls located in parking area and also at Zanari waterfall where you can enjoy scenery with sweet corn and maggie. This place is really a hidden gem and one of the most peacefully falling waterfalls of Gujarat.

Unknown but highly important fact about Zanzari Waterfall

There are few unknown facts about Zanzari waterfall and surrounding area that we came to know during discussion with local stall owner. There is one huge water spot called Kunta Mata no Dharo located here and it is believed Pandava and Kunta ma the great character of Mahabharat, stayed for some time during their Agyatvas. Also aarti of more than one lakh diya came here from nearby village during Navratri. Also in center of huge area of River Vatrak, small Hanumanji temple is located on small hilltop which is submerge during flood in river. You can also plan to visit historical temple of Utkantheshwar Mahadev also called Utadia Mahadev of Lord Shiva, located on bank of river Vatrak just at 15 km from Zanzari waterfall. Here you can take holy bath during sacred month Sravan and also enjoy camel riding near river. Currently some construction for resort and temple is going on near water fall. Gangeshwar Mahadev temple is situated at just 5 km from this place where abhishek on Shivlinga is done by a spring 24 hours, one of the must visit place during your trip to Zanzari.

Travel Tips for your one day picnic to Zanzari Waterfall, near Dahegam and Bayad, Sabarkantha

As you have to trek for around two km so it is advisable to wear sport shoes and plan to reach in early morning before 10 AM.

As Jhanjhari fall is not as like your imagination of waterfall, but water flow from height its really worth to visit during monsoon.

The force of water is too much high and also the water depth is more than 100 feet so don’t even dare to bath in waterfall. In past lots of accident happen and many tourist lost their life here. You can play in water at small waterfall near the main fall but yes it is also risky due to force of water here.

Don’t kill the natural beauty of surrounded area with plastic.

No entry fees to visit Zanzari water fall, you just have to pay token amount for car parking here.

Jhanjhari Waterfall is located in quite rural area of Bayad near Dahegam, so you could not find any big restaurant or hotel so it is better to bring some packed food and water.

For tourist came from Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar or nearby cities could plan for morning to evening but for outsider, they could not find any hotel here for accommodation so they have to plan for stay at Dahegam or Gandhinagar or Ahmedabad.

Activities near Zanzari Waterfall, Arvalli District, Gujarat

Whether you are photography enthusiast or nature lover or travel buddy or adventure lover, Zanzari is the best location which suffice you every need of scenery, lush green area, peaceful surrounding, forest, river flow and much more. This is how it becomes the perfect place to spend a day with friends and family. You can click astonishingly beautiful shots in the camera for your lifelong memories. Also you can choose other trek near ‘Vatrak river bridge’ on the highway, where you can park your vehicle near the bridge and trek for around 3.5 km on small ‘Kedi’ made by locals, along with river Vatrak. Lots and lots of buzzing sounds by Birds mainly Peacocks and nature makes Zanzari falls different than the other waterfalls. You can enjoy the natural seating on the rocks in the natural vicinities and click the pleasant moments.

Best Time to visit Zanzari Water Fall

The best time to visit the falls is from July to February which is during monsoon and winter when waterfall and natural beauty is on peak, so you can enjoy and spent quality time with your friends and family. During Weekend and holidays, lot of people from nearby cities reach here.

How to reach Zanzari waterfall

Zanzari Waterfall is situated just 7 km south of Bayad – Dahegam national highway and at just 75 km from Ahmedabad, 56 km from Gandhinagar, 12 km from Bayad and 35 km from Dehgam. It is very well connected with state highway where you can easily reach via car or bike. Most of the tourist visit here are from Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mahesana and nearby cities during weekends and public holidays.