Sacred River Sarayu is one of the most prominent waterways in Uttar Pradesh, originate from Sarmul - located in the extreme north of the district Bageshwar Himalaya, Uttarakhand. Sarayu River is mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures such as the Ved and Ramayan. It is one of the seven tributaries of the river Gaṅgā and considered so sacred that it washes away impurities of humankind. Ayodhya – Birth place of Lord Shree Ram and capital of state Ayodhya in Treta Yuga is located on the bank of Sarayu River, thus it is highly significant in India. Ram ki Paidi is the series of Ghat on Sarayu with a large stretch of ghats and gardens, along with row of temples. It is visited by millions of devotees around the year and take a holy dip on various religious events and festivals.

The river Ghaghara is the main tributary of Sarayu River, also Mahakali and Karnali rivers join in the Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh and then famous as Sarayu River. Later Sarayu River meets sacred River Ganges.

The River Sarayu is closely associated with the Lord Shree Rama – Seventh incarnation of Supreme Lord Vishnu as the city of Ayodhya is situated on the banks of River Sarayu. King Dashratha had performed Putrakameshti Yagya on the northern bank of River Sarayu to get children. Also on the banks of River Sarayu Shree Rama had received various secret mantra of Dhanurvidhya sage Vishwamitra – one of the seven sage of current manavantara. On the bank of the River Sarayu, King Dashratha accidentally killed Shravan Kumar, and Shravan's parents had cursed the king that he too will die from the sorrow of loss of son. As per the legend Lord Shree Ram walked deep into Sarayu River and disappeared after completion of all action as seventh incarnation. Soon at the same place Lord Vishnu appeared resting on Ananta Sesha and blessed his devotees. The festival of Ram Navami and Diwali is celebrated every year with great zeal and millions of Diyas. Sarayu Aarti is another key attraction in Ayodhya same like the Ganga Aarti of Haridwar. Construction of magnificent temple of Lord Shree Ram is about to start at Ayodhya and also 251 mtrs tall statue of Shree Ram will be installed on bank of sacred River Sarayu.