Chunariwala Mataji, Saint Prahlad Jani who lived without food and water for around 76 years is very popular in India and always in center and subject to study for medical science and western world. How anyone can live without having food and water for this ample of time is the major question, curiosity, surprise and miracle all around the world. We lost this great saint today on 26th May 2020 at age of 90, devotee can blessed with last Darshan of Chunariwala Mataji for two days after this Samadhi will be given on 28 May 2020 at Ambaji , Gujarat.

Early life and Spiritual Experience of Chunariwala Mataji

Saint Prahlad Jani also famous as Chunariwala Mataji, great devotee of Goddess Ambaji was born on 13th August 1929 at Charada small village in Mehsana District, Gujarat. He left home at early age of only 7 years and decided to live in forest, he spiritually awake at age of 12 and became the disciple of Ma Devi Ambaji. After that Prahlad Jani choose to wear dress like female devotee of Ma Ambe. After this Prahlad Jani became well known as Chundadiwala Mataji. As per him he was blessed with boon of Ma Ambe and he stopped food and water at the age of 14.

Prahlad Jani traveled across the India and specifically to all the major pilgrimage place including Kailash Mansarovar, Himalaya, Junagadh, Girnar where he performed rigors penance and meditation. It is believed that after this he got the extreme power, Chunari, new identity and blessing from Goddess Ambe and finally decided to live at Ambaji Gabbar forest in Gujarat.

Lots of people including key political persons, ministers are disciples of Chunariwala Mataji, Prahlad Jani and Mataji always helped and protected their devotee in every situation with his extreme spiritual powers.

Scientific Research on Chundadiwala Mataji by world famous Doctors and Scientist

Prahlad Jani, who lived without food and water for 76 years of his 90-year-old life is challenge for research of medical science till date. Many times Prahlad Jani kept under observation by lots of different team including world best doctors from India and abroad as well but could not solved or find what miracle or power or process is in his body. One of the test done by the wing of the defense ministry for 15 days. The members of Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Science - DIPAS tried to understand the process of his body and whether it is possible to replicate it in other one’s body like army person on the border. This observation is being undertaken at the Sterling hospital Ahmedabad, with 35 doctors and under 24*7 cctv camera surveillance special room in 2003.

He had gladly accepted to be a subject of this project where he will undergo for advance tests like MRIs, scans and blood studies. Prahlad Jani, dressed in red sari, nose ring and sindoor and spent his time in meditating, worship, silence and giving blessings. Though there were failed to scientifically explain the phenomenon.

As per the follower of Mataji, he had helped many patient of critical diseases such as cancer, diabetes with one fruit. This fruit generates the antibodies in patient body to fight against the illness.

Same kind of project held in 2010 but again doctors could not understand exactly how Mataji can feed his body and unable to prove any of them with certainty. Scientists checked his blood, scanned brain with every type of examination possible, and after all the checks they found Mataji as healthy as young man.

As per westerners, this astonishing ability to feed oneself is the result of ancient yoga meditation technique, well known as breath Arianism, or ability to engross all the nutrients, vitamins and foods that are needed for healthy body by the life force of the universe, light or air.

Today we lost such a god gifted holy man Shree Prahald Jani, Chundadiwala Mataji, wish you all that Mataji will stay always in our heart and remembrance.