As per the Hindu Mythology, Man Sarovar, Bindu Sarovar , Narayana Sarovar , Pampa Sarovar and Pushkar Sarovar are most sacred Lake or Sarovar and collectively known as Panch Sarovar. These five Sarovar attracts thousands of devotee to visit here throughout the year as it plays vital role in terms of religious, social and cultural life in India.

Legend and Importance of Pampa Sarovar in Hinduism

As per the Bhagwad Puran, Pampa Sarovar is one of the five most sacred Lake of Hinduism and major Pilgrimage center. As per other holy text, Pampa Sarovar is the place where Goddess Pampa, form of Parvati performed penance to please Lord Shiva with her devotion. Pampa Sarovar is hidden by hills and filled with full of Lotus.

Attachment with Ramayana and Shabari the great devotee of Lord Shree Ram

As mentioned in Ramayana, “ Kishkindha Kand “, the greatest epic of Hinduism, Pampa Sarovar is the place where Shabri, devotee of Lord Shree Ram directed Shree Ram which help to find Ma Devi Sita. Shabari was disciple of Saint Matanga and lived in the Ashram of Matanga Rishi near Pampa Sarovar in dense forest with Rivers and mountains, currently famous as Matanga Hill. After the death of Matanga, he guided Ma Sabari that she had to wait here at Ashram in motive for Darshana of Lord Shree Ram and had to direct the way where Lord Shree Ram could meet Hanumanji and King Sugriva.

Finally the wait to see the Lord Shree Ram was over and Shabari met the Ram and Laxmana. Ma Shabari had collected wild fruits- Ber for Shree Rama, in order to source the best ones; she would bite them and check before offering them to the Lord with great devotion. Lord Shree Ram accepted fruit with love and pleased with her innocent devotion. Ma Shabari enlightened the way to reach to the Rishimukh Parvat where he could get help of Hanumanji and Sugriv in search of Ma Devi Sita.

Ancient Temples around Pampa Sarovar, Karnataka

Hanuman Temple, Laxmi Temple, Shiva Temple, Ganesha Temple, Shabari Cave are the other shrine near the Pampa Sarovar which attracts the pilgrim. Tourist and devotee visit Pampa Sarovar with great devotion and throughout the year. Musical instrument which is motor operated, plays the plates, drum etc generates the pleasant sound during morning and evening.

How to Reach Pampa Sarovar, near Hampi, Koppal District, Karnataka.

Pampa Sarovar is located in valley, hidden among the hills on the road to small village Anegundi – previously known as Kishkindha from Hospet after crossing the Tung Bhadra River. Pampa Sarovar is just 21 Km away from the heritage village of Karnataka. Another myth related to Pampa Sarovar is, it is located in the Ahwa Dang , district of Gujarat.

By Air : The nearest airports are Jindal Vijaynagar Airport and Bellary Airport from Pampa Lake.

By Rail : Nearest Railway Station are Munirabad, Hospet and Koppala from Pampa Sarovar.

By Road : Pampa Sarovar is well connected by road so tourist can reach by Bus, auto or private vehicle via small village Anegundi or Hampi.