As per the holy scriptures of Hinduism, there are five most sacred Lakes or Sarovar located in various regions. These are Man Sarovar, Bindu Sarovar, Narayana Sarovar , Pampa Sarovar and Pushkar Sarovar collectively known as Panch Sarovar. These five Sarovar has key importance in terms of religious, social and cultural, thus attracts thousands of devotee to visit here throughout the year.

Narayan Sarovar is located on the Kori Creek of Gujarat in Lakhpat Taluka of Kutch Bhuj District. It is just 4 KM away from from Koteshwar Mahadev , very popular and ancient Lord Shiva temple.

History and Significance of Narayana Sarovar in Hinduism

As per legends, Holy River Saraswati had an out let in to sea near present-day Narayan Sarovar and water of lake was filled up with holy waters of River Saraswati. Thus Nararaya Sarovar or Narayansar is considered as one of the five most sacred Lake in. Hinduism

Legend of Narayana Sarovar is mentioned in many holy texts of Hinduism, one tale is drought hit this region and people, animals and birds suffered and many died. Thus saints and god requested Supreme Lord Shree Vishnu to help in this situation.Lord Vishnu touched the land with his toe and lake was created thus confers the much-needed relief for people and animal. Thus the land and the lake are honored as a holy place as major pilgrimage in Hinduism.

Ancient Temples around Narayana Sarovar

There are many ancient temples including Shri Trikamraiji, Laxminarayan, Govardhannathji, Dwarkanath, Adinarayan, Ranchodraiji and Goddess Lakshmi located near Narayatna Sarovar. The whole temple complex is surrounded by a fortified wall and house of village. During the 18th century, Vagheli Mahakunvar, wife of Rao Deshalji of Kutch State, was disappointed with the priest of Dwarka. Thus she decided to built temples and create beautiful surround same like Dwarka.

Temples of Lakshminarayan and Trikamray were built in 1734 by her with the help revenue collected as tax from nearby villages. These temples were constructed in the same style as of the temples of Dwarka, Gujarat. The temple of Shree Trikamray looks like that of Koteshwar Mahadev in style and shape.

Five other temples built by Vagheli Mahakunvar, form a row of six domes, supported by 14 pillars and 48 pilasters. They are ornamented with carving on their bases and beams. These shrines are dedicated to Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ranchhodrai, Govardhananth, Adinarayana and Laxmi Narayana. This temple is richly carved and ornamented in stone and wood and the doors are silver-plated. The idol is made of polished black marble.

Shree Mahaprabhuji Vallabhacharya visited Narayana Sarovar so one of the Bethakji was popular here. This is 63rd Bethakji of Maha Prabhuji and sacred place for followers of Pushtimarg.

Fairs arranged during Chaitra and Kartik month attracts lots of devotee and perform funeral ceremonies on the bank of the Narayan Sarovar.

Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Sanctuary, Unique Wild Life Santuary

The wildlife institute of India has identified Narayana Sarovar region as one of the last remaining territory for Cheetah and Chinkara is the most sighted animal in this region. Thus In 1981, the area around the Narayana Sarovar was identified as wildlife sanctuary and named as Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Sanctuary, also famous as Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Santuary. This is one and only unique desert forest ecosystem in India.