Lord Shree Ram is the pillar of Indian culture, most beloved God in India, known as “Maryada Purushottama”, founder of most well organized state order “Ram Rajya” became the synonym of peace and prosperity, idol of sacrifice. Lord Shree Ram, the seventh incarnation of Supreme Lord Shree Vishnu, manifest during Treta Yuga to establish the “Dharma” over “Adharma”, morality, culture, humility, good governance, values etc.

Birth of Lord Shree Ram on Earth

Lord Shree Ram was born on the ninth day of shukla paksha of holy month chaitra to maintain the Dharma on earth at Ayodhya as son of king Dasharath and mother Kaushalya at 12 in noon. Lord Shree Ram came to earth to destroy demons in order to establish Dharma again. So this day is celebrated as Ram Navami across the India and wherever Indians are living on the earth with immense joy, purification of soul and body. Lord Vishnu acknowledged that whenever Adharma increase on the earth, I will take birth to maintain the Dharma. As per some scholar birth date of Lord Shree Ram is 10th January 5114 BC and other stated around 1200000 years ago. Let’s not going in details of birth year but discuss about life, efforts, characteristics of Lord Shree Ram.

Birth, Early Childhood and Gurukul life of Lord Shree Ram

King Dasharath was successor of Raghuvansh-Ikshvaku-Suryavanshi dynasty and ruler of stunning state Ayodhya on the bank of river Sarayu. He had three wives, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra but no children so he conveyed this sorrow to his priest, Vashishtha. Great Rushi Vashishtha advised to perform Ashvamegha Yagya, thus King Dasharath had perform Yagya with vedic rituals and devotion. Ninth day of month Chaitra, at 12 in noon in summer Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son, named as Rama, with all divine qualities to give peace, love, hope, purity to people. Later on Queen Kaikeyi gave birth to Bharata and Queen Sumitra gave birth to two son, Lakshmana and Shatrughna. Thus King Dasharath was blessed with four god gifted son.

रघुकुल रीत सदा चली आयी प्राण जाये पर वचन न जाए |

As all four son grew up, Lord Dasharath arranged for education in science, culture, art, war etc. They all got trained in Gurukul of great sages Vashishtha and then worked under guidance of Vishvamitra and developed all skills. During this time Lord Ram had killed many demons that create the obstacle in Yagya and other rituals. Thus from the early life Lord Shree Ram had started restoring the Dharam and peace on the earth. They got glory across the earth as at young age, they defeated powerful demons

Lord Shree Ram and Ma Devi Sita - Vivah

Ma Devi Sita was daughter of King Janak, ruler of state Janakpur, now in Nepal. King Janak had arrange the swayamvar of devi Sita and invited all powerful king of earth to participate. However he had put the condition whoever lift the Dhanush of Lord Shiva, named Pinaka, and string it, Sita will be marring to that powerful king. No one was able to lift the bow as it was too heavy and huge. Then Lord Shree Ram lifted this bow and broke into two parts, King Janak was too happy and arranged marriage of Lord Shree Ram and Ma Devi Sita. This was the fifth day of shukl paksha of Margshirash month, after the marriage of Ma Devi Sita and Lord Shree Ram; this day is known as “Vivah Panchami” and famous for marriage across the India.

Lord Shree Ram, Ma Sita - Vanvas

After the marriage of Shree Ram and Ma Sita, King Dasharath had planned for coronation of Shree Ram, but Ma Kaikeyi asked for coronation of her son Bharat as king of Ayodhya and 14 years of Vanvas to Shree Ram to King Dasharath. Lord Shree Ram had accepted the vanvas to keep the promise of father without any other thought, what a great sacrifice! Ma Devi Sita and younger brother Laksham had decided to go with Shree Ram. Many places across the nations are found where Shree Ram stay or pass. Places like Chitrkoot where Shree Ram stayed for eleven years, Ramghat on the bank of Mandakini River, Kamadgiri hill, Janki kunda, Sati Ansuya Ashram, Hanuman Dhara, Gupt Godawari etc.

आहुतस्याभिषेकाय विसृष्टस्य वनाय च | न मया लक्षित्स्यस्य स्वल्पोप्याकारविभ्रम: ||

Ma Sita haran – abduction by Demon King Ravana

During the Vanvas, Shree Ram and Laksham had continued to kill the demon and restore the Dharma on earth. One day demon lady Surpankha, sister of Ravan, saw Shree Ram and Lakshman and fall down in love, She determined to marry with Ram or Lakshaman but Shree Ram did not accepted this. Then she thought if she killed Sita then Ram will marry her and she pounced upon Sita. Shree Ram shouted for Lakshman and angry Lakshaman take his sword and cut off her nose.

Then angry surpankha ran away and first approached demon Khar and Dushan, informed about this insult and asked for avenge. Khar and Dushan marched with their army to Shree Ram and Lakshman, but one by one Shree Ram killed whole army along with Khar and Dushan. Surpankha could not see this scene flew away to Lanka and seek protection for Ravan. She again narrates the story to demon Ravan and clued-up beauty of Sita.

Demon king of golden Lanka, Ravana, flew in his “magical chariot” and asked Maricha to take form of golden deer and attract Sita. Marich knew that he will kill either by Shree Ram or by Ravana so decided to kill by Shree Ram. Maricha transformed into golden deer and roamed around Sita, and then Sita asked Ram to catch it for her. Shree Ram told Lakshman to take care of Sita, till and went behind deer. Marich took Shree Ram in deep forest, Ram found impossible to catch it then killed with sharp arrow. Maricha shouted in voice of Ram and asked for help of Lakshman, thus Ravan had executed plan.

Ma Devi Sita had sent Lakshman for help of Shree Ram, Laksham draw a line around Kutir and asked to not to leave this line till they return back. Ravan took this chance and transformed himself in Rushi and reach to Sita and asked for food. Sita brought food and offer him without crossing that line, but Ravan asked to come out line and give the food. Once Sita crossed the line, Ravan caught her hand and took her to Lanka in magical plane. Ma Sita shouted for help, Jatayu the great eagle objected Ravan with huge effort but Ravan cut his wings and Jatayu fell down. Ma Devi Sita had thrown jewelry in hope that will help Ram to find her.

This is how Ravan kidnapped Ma Devi Sita and this story is mentioned in Ramayana the most famous poet or scripture in Hinduism. Lord Shree Ram is seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Ma Devi Sita is incarnation of Lakshmi, actually they had created this situation to kill the Ravan and restore the Dharma on earth. A day before Sita Haran, Lord Shree Ram had hand over Ma Devi Sita to God Agni and create the virtual form, Maya - of Sita.

Lord Shree Ram meets great devotee Ma Shabari during search of Ma Sita

Hanuman is the commander of the vanar army ruled by King Sugreeva. When Ram meets Hanuman, it was as if twin souls met like Hari and har as Hanumanji was incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanumanji had arranged the meeting between Lord Shree Ram and king Sugreev and agreed to help each other.

Shree Ram and Lakshman had started search operation along with great devotee Shree Hanuman, king Sugreev and his army. They all were divided in four teams and moving forward in all direction in search of Ma Devi Sita. Shabari was born in hunter’s family, but she was always in opposing to kill the animal just for fun and food. There was a practice to sacrifice animal during marriage, she ran away from family before her force marriage. She was wandering in forest reach to ashram of sage Mathanga. At first sight Mathanga realize the great soul and asked for service in Asharm.

After years of staying in ashram, sage disclosed that she was very lucky and fortune to had Darshan of Lord Shree Ram. She had to wait in ashram till this moment. During the search of Ma Sita, Lord Shree Ram reached to ashram as he knew about the great soul was waiting for him. Shabari had collected wild fruits for Shree Rama, in order to source the best ones; she would bite them and check before offering them to the Lord with great devotion. Lord Shree Ram accepted fruit with love and her innocent devotion pleased the Lord.

Battle between Lord Shree Ram and Demon Ravan

Army lead by Hanumanjee reached at back of see as guided by Jatayu opposite to Lanka. However to cross sea was impossible for vanar army but Jambvan the elder lead in army helped Hanumanji to remember the power. With the chanting of Ram Nam, Hanumanji jumped over the sea and reached to Lanka. Hanumanji found Ma Devi Sita at Ashok Vatika and gave Ram’s ring as sign of hope.

With permission of Ma Devi Sita, Hanumanji started eating fruits in Ashok Vatika, however, Hanuman was captured by Ravana's son Indrajit, and tied up in ropes. Then, his tail is set on fire. But Hanuman, using his special powers assuming a huge persona, he fly over homes and palaces in Lanka, setting it all on fire with tail.

Hanuman, devotee and great sevak of Lord Shree Ram; found Ma Devi Sita at Lanka and came back with news to Shree Ram. Lord Shree Ram decided to attack on Lanka, They all started marched towards the Lanka, to reach lanka they had to cross the sea, so they built bridge called Ram Setu which can be now captured in satellite image. Then unforgettable battle between Lord Shree Ram and demon king Ravana took place. Lord Shree Ram and his army had killed lots and lots of demon of lanka along with Ravan’s son and brother. Finally war between Ravan and Shree Ram was observed and on Vijayadashmi, Lord Shree Ram had killed the Ravan and established Dharma on earth.

Agni Pariksha by Ma Devi Sita

War with Lanka ends with the death of Ravan, Lord Shree Ram made Vibhishana as king of Lanka. As Ma Devi Sita stayed in demon kingdom lanka, Lord Shree Ram asked her for Agni Pariksha – walk through fire to prove purity, actually it was not test but getting back from god Agni as Lord Shree Ram had handed over Ma Sita to God Agni before Sita Haran

Coming Back to Ayodhya and coronation as King of Ayodhya

Shree Ram, Ma Sita and Lakshman returned back to Ayodhya, people of state were eager to welcome them. Entire state was decorated with flowers and garlands. Every house had lamps lit outside, same practice followed till date, this day is celebrated across the nation as Diwali the biggest festival of India.

Ma Devi Sita Tyag and Son Luv and Kush

Great power comes with great responsibility, indeed. Casually remarks of dhobi that if he was Ram, then he would never accept his wife again, after she returned from other man’s house. If even one of the people was unhappy, king could not be happy. Thus, Shree Ram sent away his pregnant wife to the forest. Ma Devi Sita, gave birth to twins Luv and Kush in sage Valmiki's ashram.

After some time Shree Ram decides to perform an Ashwamedha Yagya, for which he installs a bronze image of Sita. After the yagna, the horse was set free as per rituals and sent for roaming and return. The brave boys Luv and Kush halt the horse in its journey, without knowing that stopping the horse means challenge to the army of Ayodhya. Luv and Kush bravely fought against the army of Ayodhya.

Hanumanji found that these boys were sons of Lord Shree Ram only and convey message to Shree Ram. Delighted Ram comes to the forest to reclaim his family. However, he once again asked Ma Devi Sita to do agni pariksha, and this was too much for Ma sita so asked her mother Bhoomi Devi, represented by the earth, to accept her, as she does not wish to live anymore. Shree Ram lost Sita, and returns home with his sons.

Jal Samadhi in sacred River Sarayu and conclude the meaning of manifestation of Supreme Lord Shree Vishnu

There are lots of myths and tales behind the disappearance of Lord Shree Ram from the earth. As per Padma Puran, one day sage wants to discuss on some key points with Shree Ram in private and Laxman was asked to remain at gate. This Rishi was the Kala Deva only. At that time Rhishi Durvasa came to meet Shree Ram at Ayodhya in urgent, thus Laxman was put in dilemma in this situation and as he know about the temper of Rhishi Durvasa he decided to leave earth and understand the whole situation of time. Once Lord Shree Ram came to know about disappearance of Laxman, Lord Shree Ram also decided to leave the earth as all the work of incarnation was completed. Then Lord Shree Ram walk deep into the River Sarayu and disappeared from earth with lots of learning and memories for people.

Celebration and Rituals

Ramnavami is celebrated in Hindu households by prayer and various rituals across the world. Various items like roli, aipun, rice, water, flowers, bell, conch etc are required for rituals of Ramnavami. The youngest female member of the family applies Tilak to all family members. Everyone then participate in Puja and after completion of it, perform the Aarti and Ganga jal or plain water is spread over the gathering to remove everyone’s sin. Chanting of Ram Mantras, Devotional songs and Prasad are other key part of celebration.

Devotees also visited Lord Shree Ram temples and sing devotional songs at 12 noon to celebrate birthday of Lord Shree Ram. Recitations of Tulsi Ramayan, Ramcharit Manas were observed on this day at temples and at home. For Ayodhya this is the most important day as it’s the birthplace of Lord Shree Ram. Devotee takes holy deep in the sacred river Sarayu and then visits the Ram temple. Devotees celebrate the festival with great delight for the purification of their soul and body. The day is marked by Ram Katha recitals, reading of Ram stories, etc.

Endless Learning from Lord Shree Ram’s life

Human must have to keep good group and always stay away from bad people.

Always treat all human same don’t make difference by gender or caste.

Always be a Karmayogi and accept the situation with patience.

Always think twice before giving promise to anyone and never take decision based on anger and happiness

Be polite to teacher, father, mother and elders

There is no end of Lust, ambition, greed ets so always be alert and keep mind in control.

Many times human kept in trap of attachment so always attached yourself in Supreme Lord.

Supreme Lord is always hungry for Love and the Name of Supreme Lord is enough to complete any impossible task.