We perform Murti Puja with accepting Murti as form of the God and it helps to concentrate at the divine God. There are main two approach to worship of God, Saguna and Nirguna, form and formless. Some time question arises that God is everywhere then why go to the temple or worship to idol of God. It is true that Lord is ever where, in every atom and in all of us.

Core idea behind the Murti Puja

Lord shree Krishna told in Gita, from his one Ansh entire world is created and covered, I am everywhere and cause of everything. But I am not visible because human does not have that vision, if we want to see supreme Lord there is process called devotion and love towards God. Lord Shree Krishna told that, I am in heart of everyone but individual cannot see without the qualification. Now if Lord is everywhere then why not in Murti.

We cannot see Lord without divine eyes so we try to please God and ask to come in Murti so we can see and feel. It is not just murti but blessing of lord. Idol is visible and lives form of Lord and do service. Slowly we can get qualified to see the lord everywhere same like the Gopi, who can see Lord Shree Krishna in every atom of Vrundavan. Again It is easy to concentrate when murti is in a human form and dress well


Origin of Murti Puja

Murti Puja is one of the core concepts and in base of Sanatana Dharma. The literal meaning of Murti is appearance, something that has taken concrete form. A Murti usually is a concrete shape, having features attributed to the god-form. These are usually the physical attributes of the deity as described in scriptures. Even fire brought only through the medium of a burning piece of fuel but not fire by itself. Similarly the supreme Lord could not be worshipped except through the medium of a symbol called Murti.

Spiritual significance of Murit Puja in Hinduism

A spiritual aspirant not only loves God but also experiences love from God. However one can only love or experience love from someone if it has a live form, so it obviously follows that God has a form, and this form is idol of Lord. Devotee also believes that God is infinite, all-powerful, all-merciful, and all-knowing. All varieties of material forms are only the creations of our own mind which depends upon several deep philosophical analysis of the Supreme Being and can love and worship. Ultimate redemption of the soul is possible only through the service of God. But it requires a spiritual insight to know and understand them. Thus we have the rituals and the worship of symbols and idols that mediate between him and God. Murti puja is followed in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism as well.

Root of Murti Puja

Murti Puja is unique gift for the humanity from our sages. Person who does not believe in Murti Puja showcase his ignorance only. Importance of Murti Puja is mentioned in the Vedas, Upneshad and of Manu Vivasvan. याते रुद्र शिवा तनु अघोरा पापनाशिनी, here Tanu means Murti. In present time being called educated people is going away from the Murti Puja without the correct understanding and uneducated people are doing it without understand real meaning of it. This is how confusion towards the Murti Puja has been created. Some people thinks of the Murti Puja is one step in spirituality but it is with us from born to death. At every stage of life and spiritual journey Murti teaches us something new every time and provide relief, hope, perfection etc. Mind cannot stay fixed without shape Murti Puja is must for development and concentration. Now who fixed his mind in Lord will become the divine person. Deep, Dhoop, Aarati, Darshan etc are preparation of Murti Puja. Thus spirit behind the Murti Puja is most valuable. It is very hard to concentrate in Nirgun Nirakar Swaroop (form less) in initial stage for the human. So the concept or process of worshiping the idol of Lord is very important.

क्लेशोडधिकतरस्तेषाम्व्यक्तासक्तचेतसाम | अव्यक्ता हि गतिर्दु: ख देहवदिभरव्याप्यते ||

Murti Pujan – Well explained by Swami Vivekanand

Meaning of Murti Puja is well explained by the Swami Vivekanand with example. Swami Vivekananda came to Alwar during nationwide trip. During general talk with King Mangal sinh expressed that he doesn't believe in worship of Idol. Swamiji pointed towards the photo of Mangal Singh's father and asked Diwan to spit on image. Diwan and King socked with this request. Swamiji explained, however that image is your father's and not your father, Diwan is hesitant to spit on it because it reminds of your father. Same way idols remind us of God. We don't worship the stone that the idol is made of; it is the ideal and qualities that the form reminds that we worship. In the case of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, who both worshipped Ma Kali and taught the highest self-realization according to Vedanta. Adi Shankara who taught Advaita, composed numerous stotras in which murti puja is an integral part.

Lost of real meaning and current trend of Murti Puja

Today we all just forgot about the real meaning and fundamental basis of Murti Puja and follow the current trend of Murti Puja. Now a day’s people just visit temple darshan and pujan over internet and feel blessed. They thought of the completion of one duty but it’s not a forceful act, its selfless act to reach and feel the ourself and supreme power.

Conclusion about Murti Pujan by Vedas

Worshiping the Deity form of the Supreme Lord automatically brings purity and satisfaction to the mind. If a person has no engagement in Deity service he will simply remain attracted to material sense gratification and not able to give up bad association. Source for this we could find in Rigveda, Manu Vivasvan etc. Two hymns of Manu Vivasvan, the legendary seer at the origin of the Vedic teachings. The numerous Lords of the Rigveda have various forms, appearances and weapons. They are our guardians from the west, north, south and east for all peoples. Here the deities are invited to sit on the sacred grass, same like how they are invited in Pujas. They have different forms and glories that suggest different qualities and actions.