Mala is being used from thousands of years by the spiritual seekers. It helps in focusing the mind during the meditation. Mala is Sanskrit word for meditation. Garland – Mala is also used for Jaap it means recite the Mantras. It is string of 108 beads with one bead as Guru. It is made up of seeds, sandal wood or rose wood. 109th stone is Guru that is symbol of gratitude and connection to the divine lord, same like all our spiritual teachers. Mala is held in right hand and each counter bead held in between the thumb and the middle finger. Practicing mala helps in sixth and seventh branch of Yoga, concentration and meditation. Sometimes mala is specially shape beads placed at every 27th beads to make easy track of Mantras another benefits is repeating the mantras of your choosing redefine the mind from daily obsession and increase positive thoughts.

Meditation positively affects the brain and mood so seeker feels relaxed. Bring more intention and concentration for your pranayam practice by using beads. 108 symbols, 1 stands for the god or universe, 0 stands for emptiness and humanity in spiritual practice. 8 stand for infinite and timeliness. In modern time mala is become an essential accessory in many including new age youth. 108 also stand for 27 constellation and 4 padas, 12 zodiac house and 9 planate. As per Upnishad, 108 beads represent the entire universe, and repetition of each reminds us omni present of the universal self. Every day we take approximately 21600 breathe. It has been told that human must remember the Lord at every breath. If we remove the half breath of night then remains 10800 thus we had to take lord name at least 108 times in a day. The 109th bead is master guru of all. Guru is the force beyond the universe and is nothing but the Universal Self that directs everything.

In Jaap or Mala 108 beads are strung in circular fashion. It represents the cyclic nature of the universe without end or beginning. The circular arrangement also signifies birth and death cycle. Actually individual also change the bodies in the endless cycles and highest point is to escape from this cycle permanently and merge with universe. In Ayurvedic Medicine they talk of the 108 MARMAS. Marmas are vital points in our body where muscles, bones, joints, arteries, and nerves meet creating the vital flow of life. As per our many holy scriptures one sanvatsar means one year has 10,800 auspicious moments also called Muhurts. If 10,800 is divided by 100 then result is 108. Thus the 108 beads in the mala indicate the 108 auspicious moments in a year and also the couplets of the three Vedas as well.

Mala is highest symbol of devotion and dedication towards the supreme lord. In many Sampraday Diksha is given with Mala. Devotee has to memorize the supreme lord in every bead. If we perform Mala with correct understanding then it will help in getting Moksha. At the time of Mala, Jaap, we must try to see the murti of lord continuously. Supreme lord has created everything and lord stay in every atom. We put Tulsi – Basil in Bhog and Jal then only we take food as Prasad. Same like our body is yours, this spirit is important and we must prepare the bead of Tulsi and wear in neck. Tulsi Mala is the highest symbol of body dedicated to supreme lord. So every moment we must contemplation of Lord and work for Lord.

Life is like the Mala that people might wear around their necks. One bead represents one life and when you pass on from the one bead, you simply find another next to it. The thread that holds all the beads together is like your spirit or soul. So when you are born, you don’t arrive in perfect condition or you are not a blank piece of paper; you carry all the unfinished idea not only from the last life, but from perhaps thousands of lives before. There is a certain spiritual weight that you arrive with and take it to next life. In simple terms, individual will fail if he is taking more than they brought; it means he has not only not completed many of their circles of karma that he brought with him, but in fact, increased the amount of unfinished karma, then he must struggle within the next life. When you close your eyes and try to concentrate on the mantra, the perception of the bead on your fingers helps you to focus these are the main reasons of using japa mala.