Yagya is heart of the Vedas, integral part of Sanatan dharma and root of the world like navel. Different kind of Yagya is performed in our region from the ancient time. Everything on the universe is creation of the Supreme Lord and gives various extreme powers to the different God. So human on the earth can perform various rituals as per their belief and need. Giving and receiving is the key for the human life on the earth, no other life on the earth has this idea and knowledge except the human. Exchange is the main motive and idea behind these rituals. Yajman initiate the Yagya, offer everything belongs to him to the God with swaha and asked for the blessing and fulfillment of wishes in return. Chanting of various mantras during Yagya generates the positive energy in devotees and the surrounding area. Every life on the earth made up from food, food produced by the rain, rain produce by the Yagya and Yagya are done with Karma. So Yagya chakra is always there on the earth in various forms.


We pleased god with Yagya and God satisfied us during the Yagya and helps in achieving the ultimate glory. Yagya is come with birth of every human and tied up to the death, so if human forgot the Yagya he lost the humanity. Yagya perform for the good work will become the Kamdhenu which fulfills all the expectation. Warm welcome, unity and charity are main three characteristic of word Yagya as per the Sanskrit. We honor the lord, create organization of people and donate to everyone are the main agenda of the Yagya. All five elements - driving force of life are involved as a part of Yagya


Significance of yagya is mentioned in all our holy scriptures including Vedas, Upnishad, Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta etc. Various kind of Yagya is mentioned in our scriptures including mandatory and optional, 21 compulsory Yagya are called the Nitya Karma and optional Yagya are called the Kamyak Karma, subject to wishes. Yagya purifies our life, mind and action and brings comfort at physical, mental and spiritual level.

Climate change is the biggest challenge for the world and modern science came on conclusion of Zero waste management theory. Our Rishimuni had already found this theory long year ago. Yagna is the first Zero waste management process of the world, whatever we took from the nature that we gave back to the nature. In yagya we used holy fire, it generates carbon dioxide, and it is absorbed by the tree around the yagya shala and gives us the oxygen. Smoke of the yagna attracts the chemical which used to built cloud of rain and remove the pollution in the air. Some parts of Yagya go to water, killing the bacteria and clean the water. Reaming ash can be used in the farm that helps in increasing the fertility of land. Various ayurvedic medicines can be used in Yagya and smoke of these can goes in breath of all attendees and as per the medical science medicine via breathe is the best way to give the medicine in mass. The key of Yagya is to take and give it back to the nature. Wood of the Mango is used along with many herbs in almost all Yagna and it kills the virus and bacteria in the air which are the cause of many diseased.

Lord Shree Krishna told in Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta that every person had to do the Yagya without any expectation. Children are called the God because they took everything from older one and once they start taking responsibility then they became Yajman. Yagya must be perform for unite of society and equality. The motive behind the Yagya is to remove the sin done by individual in either way. There are main five place of violence in house. So Brahmin gave us five Maha Yagya, brahm yagya, pitru yagya, dev yagya, bhut yagya and manushy yagya for all human being.

अध्यापनं ब्रह्मयज्ञ: पितृयज्ञस्तु तर्पणम् | होमो दैवो बलिर्भौतो नृयज्ञोतिथिपुजनम् ||

Study and teaching is called Brahma Yagya, we all must do the contemplation for purification of mind and intelligence. All human must do the Pitru Yagya with Tarpan and remember obligation of the parents. Work for the God is the Dev Yagya, divine society and individual are the main motive behind this. Indian culture is not just thinking of the humanity but beyond this we must take care of the every life on the earth so it is Bhut Yagya. Manushy Yagya is the excellent work done for the society. There is lots of obligation of society towards to every human life so every human must try to do the work for society.

Most of our rituals are done in the witness of the holy fire, so individual who perform the Yagya must become powerful and able to serve society. Fire is very polite and bright so every individual must become like the fire. We have to give oblation of ego in the Holy fire and spread importance the Vaidik culture across the world.