Shreefal (coconut) is most sacred, satvik, pure, healthy and god’s fruit in the universe; it is used in every ritual and important ceremonies in Hinduism. Coconut resembles the human in many ways, coir outside the coconut resembles hair, hard nut like skull, water is like blood etc. General practice of breaking Shreefal and distributes as Prasad is followed in all rituals, breaking of Shreefal has its own importance in various aspects like removing ego and Nar Bali. God expects devotees to be egoless and pure. The soft white kernel in Shreefal represents our brain which is filled with water and nature of our brain which is sometimes selfish, jealous, and egoist. Before it is offered to God, the inner water is poured out, which means the removal of our selfish thoughts and ego. Hence, breaking a coconut represents our utmost dedication and complete surrender to God. So the most common offering to the God in temple is Shreefal and plays a key role in worship.

Long year ago Nar and animal sacrifice after many rituals was in practice, so Adi Sankaracharya had debated and research a lot and convince everyone to stop the sacrifice and use Shreefal in place of Bali and discontinue this inhuman ritual. According to mythology, coconut was created by the sage Vishwamitra to support King Satya Vrat who tried to enter into swarglok as mortal. Coconut is associated with the Lord Ganesha as well so at the beginning of any ritual or ceremonies, Shreefal is used to remove all hurdles. Shreefal is also associated with Ma Devi Laxmi as Shree means Laxmi so in most of the rituals Shreefal is used as symbol of God. There are three eyes like marks on Shreefal refers to the Lord Shiva, hence Shreefal means to fulfill the wishes and desire.

Other spirituals aspect of Shreefal is, inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty. No one has control over outside of natural beauty but everyone can become the beautiful from inside. Shreefal teach this message to us that become hard from outside but be always soft from the inside. Coconut absorbs the salty part of see but the water inside the coconut is so sweet. So message is, absorb wrongful from the society and give back the sweet.

There is lots of scientific reason behind the use of Shreefal; coconut water is full of nutrient, minerals and vitamin rich fluid. It is easy available fruit and popular food in many regions, where coconuts are grown. There is lots of benefit of coconut water with respect to health; it helps in problem related to intestine, kidneys, urinary track etc. Coconut water helps in dissolving kidney stones and allows their easy passage out of the body. Sport person can use coconut water as sport drink, it reduces high blood pressure during the pregnancy, and it is free of chemical so good for child as well.

In short Shreefal is the symbol of sacrifice for the evolution of the human culture and betterment of human kind. It teaches and inspires us to try hard for the duty for God and society.