Saint Shree Jalaram Bapa was born on the seventh day of shukl paksha of Kartik month in Vikram Samavat 1799 in Virpur, Gujarat, so this day is celebrated as Jalaram Jayanti by followers of the Bapa across the globe. Jalaram Bapa is the son of Ma Rajbai and Pradhan Thakkar, Ma Rajbai was very kind and served saints and pilgrims while father Pradhan Thakkar was engaged in business. Bapa had inherited Ma Rajbais kind nature and the quality of serving others first. From his early childhood, Bapa was an immense devotee of the Lord Shree Ram and not interested in living life as a householder.

Due to the force of the family and society, Jalaram Bapa got married Virbai at the age of 16. Only at the age of 18, Jalarama Bapa visited the main pilgrim place across the nation. After spiritual travel Shree Jalaram Bapa met with Saint Shree Bhojal Ram and accepted as Guru. Shree Bhojal Ram had given Guru Mantra in name of the Lord Shree Ram. With the blessing of Shree Bhojal Ram Bapa, Shree Bapa and Devi Virbai had decided to start the Sadavrat at their home where saint, pilgrim and the needy can get food anytime.

Any Pilgrims can come to Virpur, whether Hindu or Muslim and were fed by Shree Bapa. All the stuff of Sadavrat was handled by Shree Bapa and Virbama only. Saint Shree Jalaram Bapa got the blessing from Lord Shree Ram and the grains became inexhaustible. Soon name and fame of Shree Bapa spread as divine soul across the area and the devotees started joined in work of human welfare. This Sadavrat still goes on in Virpur Jalaram Temple without accepting any charity in any form, the only temple across the world which does not take any form of charity even every service in the temple is paid by the Jalaram Temple Trust, amazing!

There are countless Parcha (experience) about the greatness of Saint Shree Jalaram Bapa. Shree Bapa had resurrected the birds which were kept in a bag by the Arabs. Arabs were amazed and accepted that there were in front of a great divine person. Shree Bapa had saved the life of the son of a Muslim and so even Muslim devotees called Shree Bapa – Jalla so Allah kahevay! At a time, God thought to test Shree Bapa and came in form of old Sadhu and asked to send Virbai to serve him. After consulting with VirbaiMa, Shree Bapa sent VirbaiMa with Sadhu. After walking some miles, Sadhu asked VirbaiMa to wait for him but Sadhu did not return. But, VirbaiMa heard Akashwani mentioning that it was just the test of you and Shree Bapa, please take Jholi and Dhoko to your home. This Jholi and Dhoko are still at Virpur Temple. Another believed is Ma Devi Ganga and the Yamuna themselves came to the home of Jalaram Bapa and fill the water every day. Even today itself Devotees of the Shree Bapa feel the Parch of Shree Bapa in various ways. Lots of Devotees fast and visit the temple on Thursday.

Celebration: Saint Shree Jalaram Bapas birthday is celebrated on the seventh day from Diwali with great joy by the followers across the world. Devotees are served with Prasad, lots of devotees visit Virpur and pray to Shree Bapa. All the Jalaram Bapa Temple across the world celebrate this day with Pujan, Path, Arti and Prasad. Activities like distribution of clothes, books, fruits, and many more items to the needy, planned by all the Jalaram Temples.

Recalling the stories, we can fill the heart with devotion and gratitude. Jalaram Bapa worked very hard for those who were struck by the terrible food crisis. On 23-2-1881, Jalaram Bapa left his body in his prayers.

Dates of Jalaram Jayanti

Year Date
2019 Sunday, 3rd of November
2020 Saturday, 21st of November
2021 Thursday, 11th of November
2022 Monday, 31st of October
2023 Monday, 20th of November
2024 Friday, 8th of November