Labh Pancham is the final festival of the Diwali season, Labh means to benefit and Pancham means five, so Labh Pancham is celebrated on the fifth day of shukl paksha of kartik month. Labh Pancham is also known as the Saubhagya Panchami or Laakheni Panchmi or Gyan Panchami as this day is extremely favorable for all human beings and brings good luck and prosperity in everyones life. Labh Pancham is mainly celebrated in Gujarat with full of zeal. People across Gujarat worship the Ma Devi Laxmi and Lord Shree Ganesha on this day, who are the main force behind the success and wealth. Sharda Pujan can be performed on this day who missed the Pujan on Diwali and also do the pujan of respective ledgers. Labh Pancham is a good day to start a new business, after Diwali festival all business owner resume their business on this day. So effectively Labh Pancham is the first working day for Gujarati businessman in Gujarati New Year.

Celebration: People for business community re-open their shops today and also perform puja of their new account ledgers to enhance their wisdom and knowledge and pray to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Shree Ganesh on this day to seek their blessings. Businessperson writes Shubh on the left side and Labh on the right side and also draws a Sathiya in the middle of the page. Starting a new business on Labh Pancham is considered to be highly rewarding. Relatives and friends visit each other home and exchange good wishes along with sweets and gifts as a symbol of close associations. People donate food, clothes, money, etc to the needy on Labh Panchami and feel pleased. Students observe this day as the Gyan Pancham and worship Ma Devi Saraswati. The scripture defile Labh as the;

लाभास्तेषाम जयस्तेषाम कुतस्तेषाम पराजयाह | येषाम इन्दीवरष्याम हृदयस्थो जनार्दनाह ||

In short Labha Pancham is not just to get a good job, business and wealth but it is the day when we all as individuals have to think about the god gifted human life. We all should be thankful to God who has given us a beautiful life. It is the time to eliminate inner darkness, by giving up all addictions, bad habits and start praying to God.

Dates of Labh Pancham or Labh Panchami or Saubhagya Panchami or Gyaan Panchami or Laakheni Panchami

Year Date
2020 Thursday, 19th of November
2021 Tuesday, 9th of November
2022 Saturday, 29th of October
2023 Saturday, 18th of November
2024 Wednesday, 6th of November