Bhai Dooj or Bhai Beej or Yama Dwitiya is the most prominent and meaningful festival for a brother and sister, Bhai means brother and Dooj means two. It is celebrated on the second day of Shukla paksha of the month Kartik. Brother and sister are best friends by birth and protector of each other and have an unconditional, unique and unmatched love for each other. Bhai Dooj is a golden occasion dedicated to strengthening the love between each other. On Bhai Dooj, the sister worships God for the long life, well being and growth of her brother. Bhai Dooj is the last day of celebration of Diwali so it is celebrated with more joy and happiness.

Story and Significance: There are two main stories behind Bhai Dooj; one is related to Lord Shree Krishna and another is related to the Lord Yama, the God of death. As per the Holy Scripture, Lord Shree Krishna visited his sister - Shubhadraji after killing the Demon Narkasur on this day. Shubhadraji warm welcomed Lord Shree Krishna with flowers and sweet and applied the Tilak on the forehead of Lord Shree Krishna as per tradition. This is how the celebration of the Bhai Dooj had been started for the beloved brother and sister.

As per the legends, Yamunaji, the visible form of River Yamuna the sister of the Lord Yama invited her brother for meal at her home. So on the second day of shukl paksh of Kartik month, Lord Yama met his sister the Yamuna and Deity Yamunaji welcomed Lord Yama, do the Pujan and served the food in a golden dish so this occasion started celebrated as Yamadvitiya across the nation. Lord Yama asked Yamunaji for a gift. She asked him to release all who are in hell, and those who had food at their sister home on this day and you should grant happiness. Then Lord Yama replied and granted the wish of his sister and declared that those who bath in the Yamuna, appease the pitrus (forefathers), and have food at sisters home will never be frightened and be condemned to hell.

Celebration: On the Bhai Dooj, all the sisters across the nation invite their brothers for a lavish meal and prepare favorite cuisines. Sisters follow traditional rituals like doing pujan and aarti, and applying Tilak on brother forehead. Sister takes the Dukhna - sorrow as per the traditional practice and pray for a long, healthy and happy life of a brother. In return, the brother gives blessing and gifts to his sister. A Sister who is far away from the brother prays to the Moon for a long life of her brother. So Lord Moon becomes the mediator between the sister and brother and satisfies them, hence the children call Lord Moon as Chandamama with love. Sister worships the Lord Yama and requests an everlasting life of her brother same as the eight Chiranjeevi on Bhai Dooj.

All affectionate and receptive sisters do not want her brother to waste imperative life in normal day to day events. Sister gives blessing to brother to turn into the soldier of God to save the culture, increase the pride of our culture. Lord moon on the second day after the Amavasya is a factor of the development because from this day Kala of Lord Moon will start increasing day by day. This day is very important and Lord Shiva has put on this Lord Moon on the head may be. Beej no Chandra is used in many phrases, means rarely came, after marriage sister cannot meet brother every day so maybe the legend had joined this day as a big festival for brother and sister.

The sentiments are similar to Raksha Bandhan, when a sister visits her brother to tie a Raksha (rakhi). This is the day for the brother and sister to remember the responsibility for each other. Bhai Dooj brings a lot of happiness for brother and sister along with the whole family and tightens the relationship and social attachment between all. This is how the Bhai Beej becomes a factor of great culture and sanskar for the entire society.

Dates of Bhai Dooj or Bhai Beej or Yama Dwitiya or Bhai Tika or Bhai Phonta

Year Date
2020 Monday, 16th of November
2021 Saturday, 6th of November
2022 Thursday, 27th of October
2023 Wednesday, 15th of November
2024 Sunday, 3rd of November