Kali Chaudash is also known as Narak Chaturdashi or Chhoti Diwali. It is celebrated on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksh of ashwini month. Devotees worship Ma Devi MahaKali and the Lord Shree Hanumanji on this day to remove the fear of evil spirit. The Shakti related to trouble is called the Ashakti, the one for protection of others is called Kali and used for good work is called MahaKali. Kali Chaudash is day to get rid of laziness and evil which makes our life unproductive and miserable. Ma Devi Mahakali gives the power and courage to her devotees to fight against the evil forces and helps them to get victory over enemies.

Story and Significance: The evil king Narkaasur of Prag-Jyotishpur became powerful with Asuri Shakti and started torturing everyone in the three lokas. He started seizing all the beautiful and valuable objects in the world. Demon Narkasur had seized 16000 princesses in his palace. When everyone prayed for help, Shri Krishna and Satyabhama defeated Narkaasur and releasing the 16,000 women. In jubilation, everyone started celebrating the occasion by lighting divas. This is how the Kali Chaudash is also known as the Narak Chaturdashi.

As per the Astrology - planet Rahu is considered to be the signification of the dark areas of life. So worship of the Ma Devi Kali is believed to lessen a lot of negative energy that may be a result of negative-placed Rahu. Devotees who face severe troubles due to Rahu must worship Ma Devi Kali to get her blessing.

Celebration: Devotees worship Ma Devo Mahakali and Lord Shree Hanumanjee on Kali Chaudash. People across the nation light diyas on this day to remove the darkness and negative spirit across the society. People across India offer Nived (food) to the Kuldevi as per their tradition and culture. Some families also offer food to their forefathers on this day. On this day Devotees fast and offer poojan to Lord Shree Hanumanji as Kuldev to be protected. The poojan is performed with oil, flowers, chandan, sindur and coconut. Kali Chaudash is the best day for who are into tantra, learn their mantras. The night of Kali Chaudas is the most dangerous night of the year and tantriks use the same night to perform their black magic. Abhyang Snan has special significance on Kali Chaudash.

In short we all need to control our 51 - bhutas, Mayas 3 - gunas, 10 - indriyas, 10 - pranas, 4 - antahkarans, 5 - bhutas, 5 - vishayas and 14 - devatas of the indriyas. This can be achieved with the worship of Ma Devi Mahakali and Lord Shree Hanuman. We must celebrate Kali Chaudash in true sense and save our culture, tradition, and spirituality.

Dates of Naraka Chaturdashi or Kali Chaudas or Chhoti Diwali

Year Date
2020 Friday, 13th of November
2021 Wednesday, 3rd of November
2022 Sunday, 23rd of October
2023 Saturday, 11th of November
2024 Wednesday, 30th of October