Umbro (Threshold) can be observed in old traditional residence; there is no house without it. Everyone worships the Umbro, and there is cultural and ritual emotion behind this. Umbro means boundary, a witness of every act of human and protector of honor of home. Umbro is Laxmanrekha, it observes every person in the house as well as the visitor, and if a visitor is stranger then he must be stopped outside the Umbro.

When a newlywed woman comes home the first time, tradition is to arrange the bowl of grain on Umbro and she kicks the bowl of the grain inside the home. The hidden message behind this is, newlywed woman, the Laxmi of home came now and she should not allow wealth to go outside the home.

Human mind is so fickle so every time woman crosses the Umbro, it told that please take care of honor of home. When Man crosses the Umbro inside or outside, it checks whether immoral thoughts are coming home with him. In short, it must be decided at Umbro, what should come inside the home and what should not. So every woman should worship the Lord in Umbro and pray for good thoughts, ethical wealth, happiness. Woman imprints the Swastik and Tilak on the Umbro. Nowadays, humans do not drink or eat if it is dirty but no one cares about the thoughts, words, and behavior. So being human we all have to think about this and follow the right practice.

As per the “Vedas” all humans must control their thoughts, chaos, words, character, and behavior. If mentioned objects are in control of human then nothing is impossible to achieve. Even Lord Shree Ram controlled everything so Lord Shree ram called the Maryada Purshottam.So Umbro is also called the Lord for wealth, luxury, protector of character and boundary viewer of home.