Vijayadashami is a festival of victory of Dharma over Adharma and celebrated at the end of Ashwini Navratri on the tenth day. During Navratri, people worship Ma Devi Shakti and after getting a blessing from the Ma Devi Shakti, devotees are ready for Vijay Prasthan that is why this day is called the Vijayadashami. Dussehra or Vijayadasmi is a day to get the victory over our internal and external enemies. Today society has a lot of external enemies like Bhogvad and Jadvad which take away the peace from all individuals and internal enemies like Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, laziness, and Ego are at a very high level which needs to take care by all individual so Vijayadashami is day for victory over external and internal enemies. The main purpose of Vijayadashmi is to get victory over ten types of disorder like Kam (lust), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (attachment), Ahnkar(ego), Irsha (jealousy), Dwesh (hate), Chhal (trick), Hath (insistence) and Alas(laziness).

Story: There are a lot of stories behind the Vijayadashami, the most well-know is, the final battle that took place between the Lord Shree Ram and Ravan on this day. Lord Shree Ram has killed the Ravan on this day so across the India people celebrate this day with combustion of demon Ravan. Many kings selected this day for the departure for war against the adharma. During this session, monsoon is almost over and the weather is very clean so all the individuals are full of joy and happiness so on Vijayadashami we all must have to get victory over the internal and external enemies.

Indian culture is the worshiper of the bravery and Dashehra is celebrated for the manifest of bravery in every Indian's blood. If war is necessary and the situation is out of control then it is better to attack first on the enemies. The worst situation may take place once rival gets entry in your region, start frightened, and robbery then. So it is better to understand the situation prior and take control over the situation and this is the right war policy.

Celebration: People across India celebrate Vijayadashmi as per their tradition with great joy. People in North India celebrate Vijayadashami in honor of Lord Shree Ram and perform Ramlila on the stage. Entire Ramayana has been played in brief by stage artist and ends with burning the demon Ravan. In South India, people celebrate with worshipping Ma Devi Durga and decorating the temples. Many people in south India dedicate this festival to Ma Devi Saraswati, the goddess of learning, knowledge, art, music. In western India, people worshiped Lord Shree Ram and Ma Devi Durga both on this day. In Gujarat, people played Garba and eat fafda and jalebi as tradition. In eastern India, people worship Ma Devi Durga and do the visarjan of an idol of Ma Devi Durga which was set during the Navratri. Another common practice followed across the nation is Shastra puja as this day is for Vijay prasthan.

Today our values are in threat and our great and gorgeous culture is dying. Vijayadashmi was always full of joy and vibrant but due to external influence in the last few centuries, we lost that charm. We all have to take an oath to save our culture and make our culture and traditions alive again. We all must feel that Ma Devi Shakti and all positive energy are with us, that is how we all have to celebrate the Vijayadashmi.

Dates of Dashehra or Vijaya Dashami

Year Date
2020 Sunday, 25th of October
2021 Friday, 15th of October
2022 Tuesday, 4th of October
2023 Tuesday, 24th of October
2024 Saturday, 12th of October