No one can imagine in the twenty-first century that the river of Ghee flows on the ninth day of Navratri in the small village- Rupal near the Gandhinagar, Gujarat. This is happening every year for more than five thousand years continuously. This is the delight of Ma Devi Vardayini. As the name of Devi, Ma Vardayini gives blessing to every devotee in a true sense and the flow of Ghee is the evidence who does not believe in God, faith, and devotion. Every year more than four lakh kilograms of Ghee is offered by devotees across the world for Palli of Ma Devi Vardayini.

Ma Devi Vardayini is seated in Rupal from the creation of the world. Vardayini Mata seated here in the form of Brahmacharini, the second form of Ma NavDurga. Scholar of the Rupal and surrounding areas had created the scripture - Ma Devi Vardayini Mahatmay.

Story: There are many stories of this area and Ma Devi Vardayini, some of them are mentioned below.

Long back, a demon named Durmad became very powerful and had started the destruction of the world made by the Lord Brahma. So Lord Brahma went to Ma Devi Vardayini Mata and Ma gave consolation to Lord Brahma and killed the demon Durman and save the world. Then Ma Devi Vardayini Ma had created the Mansarovar and cleaned the blood on cloth and started seated in this area.

In the Treta Yug, when Lord Shree Ram went for Vanvas, Lord Shree Ram had worshiped the Ma Devi Vardayini Ma and Ma gave the blessing and divine ashtra named shakti. During the battle between Lord Shree Ram and Ravan, Lord Shree Ram had used this ashtra to kill the Ravan.

In the Dwapar Yug, Pandav lost everything in gambling against the Kaurav so they had been given twelve years of Vanvas and one year of Guptvas. Guptvas was very difficult for the Pandav so they went to Ma devi Vardayini and asked for the blessing. Ma Vardayini Ma gave them a blessing, hid their ashtra on the tree of khijda, gave the cloths and asked to go to Viratnagar (today Dholka). After the battle of Mahabharat, Pandav came back here and created the Palli (Rath) of Ma Devi Vardayini and install five kunda. From that time the Palli Yatra has been arranged on the ninth day of Navratri every year.

Every person of Rupal is involved in the work of this auspicious function of Palli Yatra. People from Harijan caste take the wood of tree khijda, people from suthar caste cuts and built the palli, people from prajapati caste took the fresh mati and make the kunda, people from pancholi caste makes the prasadi – khichdo and kadhi, people from muslim make the cotton, People from the chavda caste protect the Palli, people from the Patel caste do the worship and manage the entire festival. This is how Palli Yatra of Ma Devi Vardayini in the village rupal is the example of unity in all the caste and people.

Palli yatra starts at 12 in the night and passed through the 27 chakla (crossing) and people across the world came here for Darshan of Palli Yatra. During this yatra, devotees give the Ghee as per their belief and Ghee is combining in the trolley of the tractor at every 27 chakla. More than four Lakh Kg of Ghee is collected and abhishek to the Palli of Ma Devi Vardayini. After the Palli Yatra this Ghee can be collected and used by the people of harijan caste only. All the persons take the holy bath in nearby sarovar without the soap and there is not any scar of Ghee on the cloth.

This is how the Palli Yatra – the flow of Ghee for the Ma Devi Vardayini had been started and going on every year. Also, we all have to worship Ma Devi Vardayini for blessing and make our country a powerful nation and make our culture, tradition, and heritage-rich.