Ramkatha Manas Sadavrat

Purpose: In celebration of completion of 200 years of Sadavrat of Annakshetra at Virpur Jalaram Bapa Temple

Detail: Virpur is small village in Saurashra, Gujarat, but well known because of the great Saint Shree Jalaram Bapa. Sadavrat for Annakshetra had been started by Jalaram Bapa in 1820, thousand of people take food in Jalaram Temple and it is going on since 200 years. In celebration of 200 years of this sadavrat, Ramakatha – Manas Sadavrat katha has is arranged in Virpur and hosted by world famous Shree Morari Bapu. This Katha is planned for nine days and nice arrangement for food, stay etc has been the

Date: 18-01-2020 To 26-01-2020

Time: 09:30 To 13:30

Drive By: Shree Morari Bapu

Address: Chitrakut - Jaliyan Dham, Virpur Gondal Road,Virpur

God: Ram